1/2Pcs BBQ Grill Cleaning Stains Grease Stone Cleaner BBQ Tools BLXCK NORWAY™

BBQ Grill Cleaning Stains Grease Stone Cleaner. Check to Know More

Our bbq grill bricks are manufactured entirely of environmentally friendly materials that are odorless and nontoxic, do not collect grease or filth, and are safe for people, animals, plants, and water. These cleaning blocks won't scratch your ceramic tile or metal, so they're a safe option.

Cleaning stone is used to remove encrusted greases, stains, residues, and filth from the grill. There is no risk of metal being stuck in the grate or on the grill. which may swiftly and simply assist you in cleaning up after cooking without having to worry about a scrubbing nightmare.

Grill brick is a lightweight brick with a natural anti-slip grip that makes cleaning a breeze without the use of a handle or spikes. It can also be used on your oven, kitchen utensils, and enameled surfaces.

The size of the stone our cleaning blocks includes a sturdy de-scaling construction to help you clean more effectively without hurting your hands or wrists, and the handheld nonslip grip bricks are meant to be exceptionally comfortable to use.