12V Electric Car Oil Change Pump BLXCK NORWAY™

Are you looking for a more convenient and easy way to extract oil from different kinds of motor vehicles? If yes, then we have come up with one of the most ideal solutions for you with this 12V Electric Car Oil Change Pump.
This advanced pump will allow you to change the oil of your car, bikes and other vehicles without any hassle and in few minutes. It does not require lifting your car because this tool will extract the oil right from the hood and makes the whole process easier.
It has a very compact design and comes with a Rotary Barrel Pump to change the oil safely. It also contains a built-in bypass valve and filter, that will make it super easy for you to clean the oil pump.
12V Electric Car Oil Change Pump will ensure that the engine of your car is running smoothly to give you a better driving experience. It is perfect to extract crude oil, engine oil or heating oil. All you need to do is connect the clamps to the 12V battery and you are all set.