14 in 1 Push-Up Rack Board Training Fitness Gym Equipment

Can't Go to Gym Due to Pandameic?? Check this Push-Up Rack Board & Maintain Fitness at Home

14-in-1 Push-Up Table - By moving the handle in the slot, the shoulders, arms, back, abdomen, and chest muscles can be effectively exercised. Different colors represent different muscles (red-chest, yellow-shoulders, blue-back, and green-triceps). Push-pull webs are also included.

Innovative Pilates Bar Kit System - Portable, multifunctional Pilates bar kit with a resistance band and fitness exercise bar. The Pilates bar is made of high-quality elastic latex rope that has a high level of resilience. Pilates bar squats work your hips, back, and arms. The drawstring can be used to help with yoga and balance exercises.

Non-slip and long-lasting - The non-slip handle is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which has a high resistance to gravity, increasing friction and preventing slipping. With the help of this training aid, you can avoid directly pressing your palm against the ground, protecting your wrist, being more durable, and making your fitness safer and easier.

Foldable & Simple to Use - Dimensions: more than 84 x 36 x 2cm. 51 x 35 x 4 cm after folding You can effectively train at home because it is portable, easy to store, and carry. The product includes instructions for burning calories and increasing physical strength in the proper posture. You can have a more comfortable experience when exercising muscles, whether you are a man or a woman!