1-3 Pcs diamond table crystal lighting LED light lamp

Instantly add a romantic ambience, with our 1-3 Pcs diamond table crystal lighting LED light lamp is ideal for the bedroom, dining table, coffee table, living area, kitchen, and any other location where you want to create a romantic ambience for your companion. The lamp employed a high-quality LED chip and produced soft, pleasant light with no flickering. Giving you a comfortable experience. Our one-of-a-kind design is the magnificent pattern traced on the floor after turning on the light.
Unlike other crystal lamps made of cheap glass or plastic, the crystal lamp is made of delicate and transparent acrylic material that has glass-like transparency while retaining the crystal texture and uses a special process to create a light and shadow interweaving effect, creating a beautiful pattern, bringing a charming lighting effect, and adding a romantic atmosphere.
The little crystal lamp is powered by a rechargeable battery and may be placed almost anyplace. Because it comes with a USB charging cord, there is no need to install bulbs, saving you time and money. There is a built-in 2000mAh battery, therefore there is no need to plug it in when using it. It may be used for 5-7 hours after being completely charged. crystal bedroom lamp uses a lampshade design and is wirelessly portable.
Crystal table lamps provide a romantic and inviting environment, making them excellent not only for dining rooms, bedrooms, living spaces, and children's rooms, but also for weddings, parties, bars, and candlelight meals. The light is a gentle colour light that is warm and inviting, but it is bright enough to perform its purpose without being overpowering.
Crystal diamond light with touch control is available in three colours (warm white, natural light, and cold white). You may change the colours with a quick push on the touch controller. Furthermore, the colour temperature may be altered, and the brightness of each colour can be varied from 5% to 100% with a long press of the touch control button. Satisfy the decorative impact in a variety of scenarios.
These crystal table lamps are ideal as beautiful table desk lamps for the bedroom, dining table, coffee table, living room, kitchen, and any other area in the house. A romantic ambience is created by the crystal table light. The refraction crystal lamp sparkles and shines. Also makes a terrific present for friends and family on holidays such as Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and Christmas.

  • ✔️Comfortable experience
  • ✔️Magnificent pattern traced
  • ✔️Romantic atmosphere
  • ✔️Multe purpose & exquisite present
  • ✔️Battery-powered lamp
  • ✔️ Colour-changing touch lamp
  • ✔️Small lamp decorations
  • ✔️Desk lamp with a USB charging port
  • ✔️Portable decorative cordless lights
  • ✔️ 3-way dimmable touch control
  • ✔️Romantic decorative crystal table lamp