1.9M carbon fibre lighting stand portable tripod photography

Our 1.9M carbon fibre lighting stand portable tripod photography high-quality aluminium and metal construction for long-term durability and stability. It's versatile, strong, and lightweight, making it an ideal companion for photography and studio equipment. This Metal light stand tripod is built of aluminium alloy and has a weight of 0.79kg. It is small, strong, durable, stable, and extremely easy to use and transport.
The light stand is only 0.79 kg in weight. The tripod legs may be twisted 180° and folded down to 47 cm. With its 1/4 inch screw head, it is compatible with most devices and may connect a hot shoe attachment adapter for installing photography camera strobe lights, reflectors, umbrellas, softboxes, video shooting, and other photographic equipment, making it ideal for a variety of shooting locations and photographic studios.

More stability is provided by the three-legged supporting framework. The bracket is equipped with three metal legs and curved non-slip rubber feet that can adapt to different terrains and making the bracket even more sturdy. The legs can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees, and they can also fold in and feature a lock to keep them in place. excellent for travelling photographers
When compared to similar items, this stand can bear higher loads while remaining steady. With a maximum payload of 1.5 kg, you may install a wide range of equipment, including flashlights, LED lights, ring lights, and cameras. This lightweight tripod is great for weddings and supporting speed lights or small LEDs on site, as well as when you wish to go trekking with minimal photographic equipment.
The light stand's length may be readily extended to 1.94m thanks to its rapid clasp locks. Legs that can be extended out to give more stability. Simple to transport and store. The length of the aluminium column bracket tubes is 6.36ft/1.94m. A rotating lock allows you to modify the height of each tube to your specifications. Folds flat and packs easily.
  • ✔️Multi-uses
  • ✔️Carbon fibre lighting stand
  • ✔️Foldable and easy to carry
  • ✔️Adjustable height
  • ✔️Easy & fast setup
  • ✔️The payload of 1.5 kg
  • ✔️Enhanced stability
  • ✔️Lightweight & portable
  • ✔️Stable & sturdy