Mini Electric Chain Saw BLXCK NORWAY™

Mini Electric Chain Saw. Check the Details To Know More

Specification - With a pattern of 1 Battery SET/2 Battery SET, this item is 100% brand new and of high quality. Metal Steel Chain with a Voltage of 88VF was chosen as the material. The battery has a capacity of 1080W. The length of the guide plate is 4 inches. The chain moves at a speed of 5 meters per second. Strong Magnet Motor is a type of electric drive. Quick Adjustment Chain The cutting size is around 100 mm. The battery capacity is 2900 mAh.

Features - Convenient, quick, and low-power consumption. Pure copper motor, high power, quick cutting, and increased efficiency Stepless speed changing, fine quality switch, rapid and slow adjustment Deep quenching, increased wear resistance, and smooth cutting characterizes this high-quality guide plate chain. Electric chain saw that can be recharged, is light and portable, has a long battery life, and does not damage the bark. Lightweight body, light and handy, lightweight design, long-lasting grasp, and hands that are not tired.

To satisfy your various building needs, we have an intelligent circuit control board with overload protection. Control with one hand: Small enough to be held with one hand. The small chainsaw is only 33cm in length and weighs about 0.7kg (13inch). The machine lowers resistance during operation and wears on the machine by using a special guide plate with tungsten steel balls that do not need to be greased.

Package Included - Pattern 1 - 1 x Electric Chain Saw; 1 x Battery; 1 x Charger; 1 x Screwdriver; 1 x Wrench; 1 x User Manual
Pattern 2 - 1 x Electric Chain Saw; 2 x Battery; 1 x Charger; 1 x Screwdriver; 1 x Wrench; 1 x User Manual