Guitar holder wall mount stand blxcknorway™

Guitar Holder Wall Mount Stand. Check The Details To Know More

Safe - The guitar bracket is strong and robust, with an all-steel frame that protects your instrument. Protect your guitar from scratches with this soft pad cover. The guitar stand will have a distinct odor due to the nature of the material.

Flexible - Adjustable arms may be rotated to any desired position, and the foam coating won't scratch your instrument.

Space Saving - They save space and look wonderful on the wall. It brings the guitar up to the edge of the wall, taking up less space and allowing you to conserve space in your room or studio.

Simple To Install - Includes complimentary screws and a plastic dry-wall mount. One guitar hanger, two long screws, two plastic anchors, and five celluloid guitar picks are included in the package.

Decorative & Storage - Displaying and storing guitars has never been easier. Preferable for guitar storage and presentation at home, in stores, at school, or anyplace else. A must-have accessory for beginners and experts alike, it is suitable for various styles of home and studio.