2 Pcs crossdressing hip pads

Our 2 Pcs cross-dressing hip pads are made of high-quality silicone gel. The PET transparent medical double-sided adhesive is mild and non-irritative, with a skin-like touch. Sticks firmly and reliably, and is difficult to move. These fake butt pads not only help you slim your stomach, but they also act as a booty lifter, making your derriere look firm, smooth, and controlled.
Ideal for jeans, shorts, tight dresses, or simply enhancing your buttocks. You simply put it on and enjoy these enhanced panties while everyone around you notices your perfect buttock. Our reusable, invisible, and comfortable cross-dressing lifter pads come in a set of two. They will not deform, hip pads made of ordinary sponges cannot be compared.
The two pieces of cross-dressing hip pads are specially designed to have the natural appearance and softness of real buttocks. Tighten your bottom, lift your buttocks, and conceal your dip hips. It enhances your charm and sexiness. Where nature left off, our enhancer shapes your hips. Creates a naturally curvier, oval shape that looks great in jeans, lingerie, or a sultry little dress.
Best 2 Pcs crossdressing hip pads are recommended for use as a butt pad during dating, gatherings, hanging out, parties, clubs, office work, daily wear, holidays, cocktail, wedding, and anywhere else you want to flaunt your figure. Hand washing only with warm soapy water. Keep away from high temperatures.
We use a PET transparent medical double-sided adhesive of the highest quality to prevent airtightness or slipping down. You no longer need to be concerned about this because 2 Pcs cross-dressing hip pads leave no trace hems on your hip.
  • ✔️Creates a naturally curvier
  • ✔️Charm and sexiness
  • ✔️Lift your buttocks
  • ✔️Conceal your dip hips
  • ✔️Smooth, and controlled
  • ✔️Booty lifter
  • ✔️Sticks firmly
  • ✔️Non-irritative
  • ✔️Skin-like touch
  • ✔️Adhesive is mild
  • ✔️High-quality silicone gel