222 Pieces cotton pads cleansing makeup tools

Are you seeking a cheap solution to remove all of your make-up every time? If so, you've come to the correct spot. We created a pack of 222 Pieces of cotton pads cleansing makeup tools that are used to remove makeup from your face. Simple to use and store, ideal for a home DIY face, ideal for everyday skincare, and a beautiful beauty present!
It is constructed of 100% cotton and is extremely soft against your skin. It is extremely long-lasting and may be used for a variety of purposes. Made from premium cotton, with no chemical composition or additions, and ideal for most sensitive skin. There will be no lint or stray fibres on your skin or nails.
It boasts a lint-free design that allows you to effortlessly wipe your face with a makeup remover or lotion. These cotton wipes may be used to remove foundation, waterproof eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, concealer, and other cosmetics. With the aid of this, you may also apply make-up. Simple to transport, ideal for travel and on the go,

Efficacy, moisturization, hydration, whitening, pores, and blackhead removal Natural material, soft and pleasant, gentle and fine, care for your skin more without causing irritation or pain to your sensitive facial skin, double-effect design, vigorous cleansing, ultra-thin Water-saving, with a 96% liquid release rate.
Popular cotton pad for toner, makeup remover, and makeup water. Can be used for everyday skin care, washing, and wiping valuables. Apply on eyes, lips, face, nail polish, and skincare to softly and efficiently remove foundation, blush, concealer, and eye makeup. Excellent water retention and absorption, with a controlled water release.
  • ✔️Soft and comfortable
  • ✔️Convenient and smooth
  • ✔️Strong Absorbing & Releasing
  • ✔️Multi Usage indoor outdoor
  • ✔️Premium Cotton Pads
  • ✔️moisturizing and hydrating
  • ✔️Mild and fine
  • ✔️Large Size
  • ✔️weight: 118g
  • ✔️Package included:
  • ✔️1* bag(222sheets)