3 Barrel hair waver

Our 3 Barrel hair waver create immediate volume and stunning style-defined waves with three barrels at the same time! Despite reaching an impressive 220 degrees, it is perfectly safe and will not burn your hair. To ensure equal heating of the curling iron, we use a high-temperature-resistant plastic shell composed of ABS polymer resin and a heating plate with high-temperature-resistant coating technology.
Imagine receiving praise for your lovely curly hairdo while knowing that it only took you a few minutes to generate those curls. The use of tourmaline ceramic technology may release a high number of negative ions, reducing hair damage, making your hair healthier, and more natural, and extending the life of your hairstyle. It has good thermal conductivity, does not tear hair, and can be used at home to create lovely curls.
The properly regulated temperature provides just the appropriate amount of heat for maximum variety with curls and waffle styles including curls, waves, corkscrew curls, and ringlets. All varieties of hair, hard or soft, short or long, are acceptable. It is suitable for both wet and dry hair. The simple-to-use curling iron with three barrels can assist you in creating a huge and gorgeous "S" wave.
Furthermore, this Professional Triple Barrel Hair Curler automatically releases significant amounts of negative ions and heals damaged hair, making your hair more healthy, natural, and long-lasting. Quick heating takes only 30 seconds with the PTC heating element. To accommodate varied hairstyles, the two temperature settings may be changed to 170-220 °C.
  • ✔️Effortlessly beautiful hair in minutes
  • ✔️Professional PTC heating technology
  • ✔️Fast heating and adjustable temperature
  • ✔️Saves Time: It allows you to easily and very quickly curl all your hair. Unlike traditional curling irons, which require a lot of good technique, our hair curler is super easy to use, ensuring great consistency and high-quality result.
  • ✔️Works on All Hair Types: Whether you have short or long locks; thick or thin, our three-barrel curling iron works like a charm.

  • ✔️Healthier and Long-Lasting Effect: Thanks to special tourmaline ceramic technology, the triple barrel hair curler releases large amounts of negatively charged ions that create soft, shiny waves, without any frizz. This reduces the damage to your hair, ensuring that it remains healthy and the desired shape lasts much longer.
  • ✔️Heats up Extra Fast: This Hair Curler goes from 0 to 410F (210C) in just 60 seconds. The temperature can be easily adjusted to suit your hair type, cutting your dressing-up time significantly.
  • ✔️Designed for Durability: We’re proud to have over 14,000 happy women curling their hair around the world.