3 in 1 electric back massager heating vibrating mat blxck norway™

Our 3 in 1 electric back massager heating vibrating mat provides several health advantages and is built of high-quality materials. It is made of polyurethane memory foam cushioning, which provides excellent comfort and pressure alleviation. It is extremely soft and ergonomically designed.

This 3-in-1 electric back massager heating vibrating mat is extremely flexible and foldable. You may easily use this on your bed, couch, chair, or floor. It folds effortlessly and is very easy to transport and store. It is made of high-quality plush fabric and is extremely soft and comfortable.
This vibrating massager mat has 10 vibrating motors that will massage your entire body. 3 in 1 electric back massager heating vibrating mat relieves daily tension, physical discomfort, weariness, and so forth. It also aids in the circulation of blood and the relaxation of tight muscles.
It features 9 various massage settings to select from depending on your needs. It also includes six heating pads that may be used to target heat zones in your neck, thighs, legs, lower back, upper back, and lumbar. It has an overheat prevention mechanism that turns off the heating automatically to keep the temperature consistent.
It is composed of a high-quality plus fabric that is both soft and comfy. To find a comfortable position, simply sit, lie down, or recline. It also has 9 strength levels and 3 interval time settings to deliver incredible relaxation while also assuring safety. This is also a terrific present idea for your family and friends for their birthdays, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, and other special occasions.
  • ✔️Great comfort
  • ✔️10 vibrating motors
  • ✔️9 strength levels
  • ✔️Incredibly soft and comfy
  • ✔️Superior quality material
  • ✔️Get a comfortable position
  • ✔️Relaxation of tight muscles
  • ✔️Circulation of blood
  • ✔️Extremely soft and comfortable
  • ✔️High-quality plush fabric
  • ✔️Folds effortlessly
  • ✔️Several health advantages
  • ✔️Size: 138*48*3cm