High pressure rainfall shower blxck norway™

High-Pressure Rainfall Shower. Check The Details To Know More

High-Quality Material - This product is made of Thermoplastic ABS, which is strong and long-lasting. This cutting-edge design is heat and impact-resistant, making it suitable for use in the shower. It's also lightweight, making it easy to carry and use overhead.

High-Pressure Performance - With its ultra-fine 300 Holes, the water gently touches your skin as it flows out of the 300 tiny holes, providing a relaxing feeling that is ideal for Dry Skin and a healthier shower.

Water-Saving - The showerhead is high-tech, and the water that comes out of the spout is forceful but smooth, with no splashing, resulting in less water use.

Multiple Use - This showerhead can be used as a hand-held shower or as an overhead shower. It can be used in the overhead mode for all-over coverage or handheld mode for hard-to-reach areas, cleaning the shower, and bathing pets and children. Outdoors, at the beach, in the RV, beside the pool, and so on.

Easy to Set Up - Ergonomic handle and portable design for comfortable gripping. This means it's comfortable to spray, excellent for bathing children and washing pets, and it's simple to set up. Simply remove your old shower head and replace it in a matter of minutes.