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Watering Bag for Plant Life Support - An automatic watering device can assist you in watering on time every day while you're on vacation! While you are away from home, outside, or on business, don't leave your plants in the hands of a slacker friend. For the duration of your trip, the Plant Life Support Drip will drip-feed everything your plant needs. Make the plants grow stronger and live longer. Great for watering plants while on vacation.

Automatic Watering System - Plant Waterer is suitable for indoor plant shelves, desk plant pots, tiny potted plants, terrace plants, parlor palms, bonsai trees, seeds or succulent plants, and flowers on windowsills, and it provides a solution for watering plants in locations without a tap. To best care for your plants, combined with a plant nutrition solution.

High Capacity Drip System Kit - Our automatic plant watering system comes with a 350ml large water bag and a precise flow valve. A full bag of water will last up to 3-20 days for indoor plants in tiny pots. Large enough capacity to water the plant without running out of water, so even if you are not at home, the plants in your garden may thrive and you won't have to worry about them dying from thirst.

Plant Feeders Watering Accessories - Fill the bag with water first, then put the peg hook into the soil, hook the bag onto the peg and press the dripper into the soil, set the flow regulator to open, and longer needle design to get deeper into the soil.

Plant Life Support Drip - Can be presented as a gift to family and friends, the plant life support drip is a fun and helpful gift for your loved ones. It's appropriate for men, women, teenagers, and children.