3D sleeping mask soft padded

We took your feedback and created a new design! We updated every aspect and created a 3D sleeping mask block-out light soft padded, more ergonomic sleeping mask design to fit every head size after extensive research and data. The contour conforms to fit the face snugly thanks to the latest design. The lighting is completely blocked out. A better nose cutout effectively blocks light from the bottom.
This sleep mask has a novel bending cartilage design that is both adjustable and robust, blocking light from the nose effectively. You can get a good night's sleep or a quick nap wherever you want! Deeper and wider eye pockets provide more eye space than standard flat sleep masks. There is no pressure on the eyeballs, allowing for free blinking. Makeup is not ruined.
The soft cotton triangle wing design of this sleep mask helps you wake up relaxed and revitalised by preventing the mask from shifting and distracting your eyes and head from pressure. Instead of glue, the advanced edge sealing process is sturdy and durable, will not leave marks on your face or forehead, and will not easily fall apart at the seams. Ideal for napping in the office, flying, sleeping at night, and camping.
This sleep mask is made of 5 layers of super breathable fabric, including cotton, elastic sponge, and modern, giving your eyes an ultra-soft and refreshing feel. Slow rebound memory foam is gentle on the skin and lightweight. This eye mask retains its shape well due to its high resilience. The high-quality fabric is smooth, lint-free, and fade-resistant. It will not stain sheets or pillows.
From cutting to sewing, this sleep mask is entirely handmade. Tight, clean, and smooth seams ensure minimal friction in any sleeping position while putting no strain on the body. 3D sleeping mask block out light soft padded has adjustable buckle strap suitable for a variety of head shapes and sizes. It is simple to achieve the desired tightness and will never tangle in your hair.
  • ✔️Ergonomic sleeping mask
  • ✔️Effectively blocking light
  • ✔️Rejuvenated by preventing
  • ✔️Sturdy and durable
  • ✔️Providing an ultra-soft
  • ✔️Skin-friendly and lightweight
  • ✔️The premium fabric feels smooth
  • ✔️Super Soft & Comfortable
  • ✔️Eyes Feel Free
  • ✔️Perfect Light Blockout
  • ✔️Super breathable fabric