Ultra Light Fall Winter Woman Duck Down Hooded Long Jacket BLXCK NORWAY™

Finding a good quality jacket that can provide you with warmness and full coverage is a tough task nowadays. Jackets or coats are one of the most essential clothing that one should have during harsh winters as it can give you great protection from cold wind. There are many kinds of jackets available in the market; however, they do not provide the warmness that they promise. If you are in search of a jacket that is super warm and stylish, then this Ultra Light Fall Winter Woman Duck Down Hooded Long Jacket is the right choice for you.
This jacket is made from 100% polyester and comes with a zipper closure design. It provides a slim design and has a modern cut that gives you a slim fitting without restricting the moment. You can flaunt your figurethis winter with this jacket. This is a long puffer jacket that will enhance your appearance and will make you look more classy and stylish. It has a very charming design and a shiny outer appearance that can attract people’s attention. This is one of the perfect winter jackets that you can wear for casual or any special occasion.

This jacket is made from superior quality fabric and is highly durable for long-term use. It is a perfect jacket that will help you to keep cold out while locking the temperature inside the jacket. It also has cotton fillings that will allow the insulation to loft better in order to provide quick warmth. It comes in a long size so that your knee joints can be protected from chilled weather and will also give you extra coverage. You can wear this jacket while going to school, business work, parties, camping, etc. You can wash this jacket with your hands/machine.
This jacket is very light in weight and is completely windproof and waterproof. It will provide great protection against cold wind and rain. It comes with a removable belt that has an elastic buckle and outer pockets. It also consists of one zipper pocket inside the jacket which you can use to keep small stuffsuch as keys, phones, cards, etc. The hood of this jacket can also be removed. You can also adjust the fitting of this jacket with a two-way smooth zipper. This is also a perfect gift option for your family, friends, etc on the occasion of birthday, Anniversary, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, etc.

CM size chart 

Size Shoulder Bust Hip Length Sleeve Length
S 35 88.0 96 73 61
M 36 92.0 100 74 62
L 37 96.0 104 75 62
XL 38 100.0 108 76 63
XXL 39 104.0 112 77 63
XXXL 40.0 108.0 114 78 64
4XL 42.0 116.0 124 78 64
5XL 44.0 120.0 128 79 65
6XL 45.0 124.0 132 80 66
7XL 47.0 130 136 81 66

IN size chart 

Size Shoulder Bust Hip Length Sleeve Length
S 13.78 34.65 37.80 28.74 24.02
M 14.17 36.22 39.37 29.13 24.41
L 14.57 37.80 40.94 29.53 24.41
XL 14.96 39.37 42.52 29.92 24.80
XXL 15.35 40.94 44.09 30.31 24.80
XXXL 15.75 42.52 44.88 30.71 25.20
4XL 16.54 45.67 48.82 30.71 25.20
5XL 17.32 47.24 50.39 31.10 25.59
6XL 17.72 48.82 51.97 31.50 25.98
7XL 18.50 51.18 53.54 31.89 25.98