LCD Screen Writing Tablet Board BLXCK NORWAY™

It is often said that kids learn quickly while using advanced gadgets and they can use them for writing, drawing or showing their creativity. If you are looking for a gift that can be really fun to your child but at the same time will also contribute to their learning and education, then this LCD Screen Writing Tablet Board Is the most perfect option for you. It is also the best alternative to pen/pencil and paper that can also keep your house tidy and prevent them from writing and drawing all over. It also comes with a pen with which you can draw and write easily.

This tablet is super easy to use and your child can easily grasp the technique in no time. They can draw and write whatever they want and show that creativity with this advanced tablet. They can also delete everything they have drawn or written within a second without any hassle. All you need to do is press the delete button and the screen is clear. Besides, the product is absolutely safe for kids as it does not emit any kind of radiation that is harmful to your body. It is an energy-saving and very convenient gadget as it consumes low power.

This LCD tablet is very light in weight and is very convenient to use. The design of this electronic device is quite ergonomic and has a compact size. The size of this LCD screen is about 12 inches with only 0.2 inches of thickness. It is extremely easy to carry this tablet with you while going on camping, travelling, etc. You can also keep it in your backpack, purse, suitcase, etc as it does not take much space and is perfect for travelling purposes. You can repeat writing or drawing and erase everything in just one click without any trouble.

This tablet can be used for multiple purposes. It is portable and you can record all your ideas and thinking any time you want. You can also take notes of whatever you want and write anything as a reminder or a draft. Your child can also learn to draw without wasting any paper. This is one of the most ideal gifts that you can give to your kids as it is completely environmentally friendly and a real money saver.  This is a perfect gift idea for your kids On the occasion of their birthday, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, etc.