Aluminium rollator walker with brake handle BLXCK NORWAY™

Our aluminium rollator walker with a brake handle enables you to customise the breadth of the device. It enables you to manoeuvre through tight spots. With the front wheels folded and the back legs removed, it is simple to store your rollator in a travel container, a vehicle trunk, or an adjacent cupboard. With an ultra-lightweight aluminium frame and a contemporary, elegant appearance, this drive medical rollator is a great addition to any home.
When rolling over uneven ground with the rollator, the 20cm front wheels give more stability and security for the user. We believe that our product is superior to rollators with 16cm wheels since it can better handle tough or soft terrain such as grass, sand or woodland. The two-size tyre design makes it considerably simpler to drive the cart over any surface, including floors and carpeting.
Aluminium rollator walker with brake handles no need to battle with a tight seat. Our seat offers a little extra legroom. You may rest in comfort because of the support provided by a thicker, soft, and more robust back belt. The clever suspension system used in this four-wheel rollator allows you to navigate uneven or bumpy terrain with the utmost ease and comfort.
On the surface of the frame, we use an innovative painting craft process that gives the frame a fancy-bicycle look, which is achieved via the application of metallic paint. The 1.5mm series 7 aluminium frame has a 300-pound weight capacity and is made of 1.5mm aluminium. The side-folding feature of this walking aid allows you to pack it up easily for storage and transportation purposes.
An easy-to-use braking mechanism with ergonomic grips that may be locked when you don't want the walker to roll is included. You may carry the basics like a water bottle in the detachable zippered bag that comes with it. It is machine washable. A handle with a height-adjustable grip and a cane holder is included for the convenience of the user.
  • Additional features
  • Easy portability
  • Shock-absorbing suspension
  • Stylish design
  • Bicycle-type braking system
  • Baked-on finish
  • Wider seat
  • Huge wheels
  • Compact design