Automatic corrugation flat iron hair waver crimper curlers

Our automatic corrugation flat iron hair waver crimper curlers tools produce stunning effects and are suitable for all hair types, including dry, coloured, fine, medium, and coarse hair. The iron features a built-in roller that can automatically revolve. You merely need to clip your hair in place and pass the iron through it.
The curling setting on the Hair Crimper is automated. When you close the top and lower gears, the motor automatically turns, and Tight Waves develop effortlessly. The process is straightforward, easy and convenient. The curler may help the hair form little regular waves, become fluffy swiftly, and exude volume.

Seal in moisture, making hair simpler to manage, protecting cuticles, and maintaining hair health. When compared to typical straighteners, this ion straightener prolongs and beautifies your style. The lock on its tail may also prevent the plate from opening, making storage easier.
The curling iron emits an abundance of negative ions via the built-in ion generator, making your hair naturally glossy. It aids in the reduction of frizz, split ends, and knots, as well as the healing of damaged hair. This hair crimper for girls has superior insulating construction that will never burn you.
Automatic corrugation flat iron hair wavers crimper curlers ready for 30 seconds, the ceramic tourmaline perm stick may achieve a working temperature. As a result, please withdraw your hands from the heating area as soon as the switch is turned on. It has a 55-minute auto-shutdown function.
  • ✔️Anti-Static Technology
  • ✔️For All Hair Types
  • ✔️Safe to Use
  • ✔️Temperature Settings
  • ✔️Durability and service
  • ✔️Dual function combination
  • ✔️Professional hair styling
  • ✔️Excellent minimalist design
  • ✔️Auto-shutdown function