Motion sensor night lamp USB charging led night light blacknorway™

This motion sensor night lamp has advanced technology to detect the object and lightens the room. It. It automatically turns on when you come to a dark place and turns off after you leave.
It has a very strong sensor that can easily detect your movement. If you are amongst the ones who cannot find their clothes in the dark or cannot find the switch in the dark, then this light lamp is an excellent option for you.

It comprises two colours – bright white and warm white. This sensor can detect movement from a 3 to 6 m distance and light up the room without any hassle. You can easily recharge them using a power bank and use them for a longer period.

It emits a soft light that does not cause discomfort to your eyes. If you have kids or elder people at your house, then this is a great option for them.
It is super easy to install this LED lamp as it comes with a magnet or a hanging hole. It is perfect for your closet, bathrooms, corridors, stairs, walls, etc.