Bluetooth RGB Led Lights Up Party Mask BLXCK NORWAY

Bluetooth RGB Led Lights Up Party Mask. Check The Details To Know More

Technical specifications - This product's rated capacity is 2000mAh. Battery with a long life span of up to 500 cycles or more. This product requires the usage of a mobile phone application (Shining Mask). 2074 lamp beads and 2121 RGB LED lamp beads with high power, high light, and long life. When charging, the screen will display the charging status, and when charging is complete, the screen will display full. When the screen displays " OK ", press the power button and cover the sensor switch with your hand. You can then use gestures to adjust the screen picture.

Battery Performance - Choose from a 103450 polymer battery or three AA batteries. (The built-in lithium battery may be charged, or 3 AA batteries can be used as a power supply.) Product ABS+PVC lens + Silica gel are the materials used. 5 V/1A input voltage/current Type of charging Type-c interface charging (There is no charging port on the 3 AA battery model.) the lithium-ion battery Time to charge: 5 hours the lithium-ion battery 12 hours of use

Operational Rules - 1. The mobile phone can scan the following QR code for download installation, or go to the Google Play/APP Store, search "Shining Glasses" to download, Scan QR code download APP. 2. Turn on the "Shining mask" APP, turn on Bluetooth. 1. The first time you open APP, you have permission options, please select permission. 2. If an Android phone can not search for Bluetooth, please check if the location is open! 3. Connection equipment: Click " "→ Select the mask to control → Click the connection → Click on the blank area to enter the main interface. MASK-XXXXXX was the name of the device searched

Editing Text - Type text: You can create a single text with different color effects by clicking on the preview box, selecting text color, then entering text content. The influence of text Set the color of the text, the background color, the effect (left, right, flicker), and the speed.

Animation & Images - Select Animation & Images and transmit to mask in real-time. There are 105 images in the photo collection. DIY also allows you to submit your own photos.

DIY - Customized text: choose from monochrome or RGB color, fixed, flashing, or moving to the left or right in real-time. Photos taken using a phone or photos taken locally can be posted to the mask.

Music Rhythm - Scan and play local music automatically. You can select from a variety of rhythm effects. Microphone Rhythm: In Rhythm mode, you can control the lighting effect of the mask by recognizing other external noises.

Package Includes - 1*Display Mask; 1*English Manual are included in the package. Note: We do not supply 3PCS AA batteries due to transportation safety concerns; please purchase locally.