Car air freshener cute bear pilot car perfume diffuser

Our car air freshener cute bear pilot car perfume diffuser has blades that revolve smoothly, and the whirling fan blades add limitless enjoyment to the car's air freshness. The innovative fan blade design is influenced by vintage propeller-driven aircraft. When you open the car vent, the propeller begins to revolve to direct the airflow, allowing the aroma to travel evenly around the vehicle.
The vehicle freshener diffuser has a soft silicone bottom corner for added stability, and our car perfume air fresheners have cute patterns that do not damage the air outlet. Installation is straightforward, sturdy, and does not fall. The delicate and elegant size of 45*36*34mm will not take up too much room and is easy for the store.
This automobile fragrance vent clip may be used as both an air freshener and a car adornment. The iconic teddy bear pilot shape mixed with old aviation features creates an adorable and joyful new depiction of nostalgia and romance. and adorning your car with a teddy bear car freshener can make it more appealing.
Use essence tablets to produce scent; the fragrance is long-lasting and easy to replenish. The function of a heavy cologne scent is to remove odour. Designed mostly for new automobile owners and smokers. The beautiful sea aroma refreshes the air while also catering to the tastes of the broad population. People of various ages can enjoy it.
Can be applied to various angles of the fixed position of the automobile air conditioner. A fantastic choice for a present for friends and family. You may give the adorable automobile air freshener to your friends, family, girlfriend, boyfriend, colleague, coworkers, and neighbours. The colour may change somewhat owing to different screen displays.
  • ✔️Creative fan blades design
  • ✔️Cute and fun car decoration
  • ✔️With 2 fragrant slices
  • ✔️Suitable gift idea
  • ✔️Cartoon bear design
  • ✔️Easy application
  • ✔️Elegant smell
  • ✔️Size:45*36*34mm
  • ✔️Fit for car air freshener
  • ✔️Weight: 60g