Portable Dog Poop Toilet with Garbage Bag Pet Toilet Supplies

By Using This Toilet Poop Device You Can Clear Your Pets Waste Easily Keeping Hands Clean

The dog dropper palette's length makes it ideal for waste collection without the need to kneel or bend over. With a length of 26 * 12 cm, you may protect your face, hands, and nose from confusion and odour.

The firmness of dog accessories made of lightweight and durable ABS plastic is ensured. Two high-pressure springs open and close the jaws to achieve tremendous locking control.

The huge tray has ample capacity to accommodate the most garbage. Big crap clothing... can be thrown away in the provided bag. Dog faeces goes straight into the trash can! It can also dig up enormous amounts of waste with ease, keeping hands clean.

On other surfaces, easily take up drafting, concrete, dirt, and huge pieces of dust. It's not only good for pooping, but it can also help with other yard issues and tasks.