Ceramic professional hair curler BLXCK NORWAY™

Have you ever walked down the street with fresh curls and felt like you were in a music video? Curls have that power, we understand. The only issue is that curling your hair may be rather perplexing. Yes, it was the old way, now our ceramic professional hair curler will convert your hair into styling fit for a super actress.
Curling your hair is accomplished by the use of heat and steam. This technique will not harm your hair. Within minutes, this ceramic professional hair curler will have your hair in delightful, flirtatious curls. This automated winder has fast-heating ceramic plates and can achieve temperatures of up to 190°C. The heat is concentrated exactly where it is required.

With our ceramic professional hair curler, you can get salon-quality hair in minutes. The innovative technology delivers a tangle-free style experience that makes luring the hair simpler and faster. The hair curler mechanically draws the hair into its ceramic-lined chamber after insertion, where it retains the locks until they are properly warmed.
When you press the Power button on the handle, the display will light up to indicate that the appliance is turned on. Set the desired temperature by pushing the (M) button to utilise pre-set values of Low, Medium, or High OR choose the desired temperature by using the (+) and (-) buttons. The temperature will blink four times to indicate that the curler temperature has been set. Using the (+) or (-) buttons, select the desired timer setting. Insert the curling chamber lock and push the arrow button in the chosen direction. A beep indicates that the curling for that lock is complete.
Press the power button once (the lock icon will vanish) and the (M) button twice to unlock or modify the temperature. Press the power button once (the lock icon will vanish) and the (M) button once to unlock the timer setting. The iron will automatically turn off after 1 hour of inactivity. After you've completed curling, run your fingers through your hair to slightly split the curls, then brush lightly if you want wavy curls. and begin to experience Hollywood-style hair!
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plates: Ceramic
  • Colour: black, red,
  • Size: 356 * 147 * 85mm
  • Display: LCD digital display
  • Temperature: adjustable
  • Applicable voltage: 240V AC50 / 60HZ
  • Power: 25W