Portable hanging neck mini air cooling fan blacknorway™

Are you looking for a portable mini handheld fan for various purposes? If yes, then look no further. We have come up with this air cooling fan that provides cool and powerful airflow.


You can use this by hanging it around your neck, keeping it on the table or desk, etc. It distributes the airflow through a wide-angle. It includes a built-in 1000 mAh battery that provides a long-lasting battery.

This air cooling fan has an excellent design and is portable. It is wireless and you do not need to worry about carrying the wrong wires anymore. It has three-speed winds that can be adjusted as per your requirement.

 This is a low noise operation fan that will not disturb you while you are working, sleeping, relaxing, etc. It is very light in weight and you can easily carry this in your bag.


You can also call this hand-held fan your portable air conditioner. It can be used while going out shopping, traveling, etc. Get yours now and enjoy cool air anytime.