Curling wand iron

Our curling wand iron of the curling wand Iron allows for flawlessly bouncy ringlets. You'll fall in love with your silky, moisturised curls, which have fantastic shine and long-lasting hold. To style your hair like a pro, you'll need the latest in hair styling technology, such as a curling iron with semi-precious stones, crystals, anion coating, and ceramic glaze technology.
It warms up rapidly and curls each part of the hair in seconds because of the long, rectangular barrel. The incredibly sleek, little hair curling tong that instantly changes your hair from dull to beautiful emits millions of negative ions, resulting in smooth, lustrous hairstyles with reduced frizz. Aid in the retention of moisture and the prevention of damage.
Our curling iron has 9 heat settings ranging from 225°F to 450°F. This 3/8 inch curling iron can effortlessly let you discover your optimum temperature regardless of your hair type. The 360°no tangle swivel power cord (78 inches) increases flexibility when curling. The 9mm curling iron's small weight makes it easier to use. The cooling tip keeps your fingertips from becoming scalded.
Because safety is our first priority, the curling iron's built-in smart chip will automatically switch off the iron after 60 minutes of use. So you never have to worry about forgetting to turn it off before leaving the house. The latest update 9mm curling iron is meant to produce distinctive ringlets. The ceramic coating on the barrel aids in the creation of voluminous tight and corkscrew curls with less frizz and damage.
Pull a strand of hair from the roots to the hair. Curling iron set to 30° inclination, single hand hold the hair root, crank the clamping piece, and the hair will wrap itself around the curling iron. Rotate the clip till it reaches the end of the hair and stays for 8 to 12 seconds. The 8.3-inch barrel is somewhat longer than a standard curling iron barrel, allowing you to insert more hair into the iron and save 50% time styling your hair!
  • ✔️Your reliant friend
  • ✔️Comfortable user experience
  • ✔️Lcd display
  • ✔️9 heat settings
  • ✔️Unique long barrel designed
  • ✔️Perfect ringlets hairstyle maker
  • ✔️60 mins auto shut off
  • ✔️Tourmaline ceramic barrel
  • ✔️Precise temperature control