Electric heating washable full body warming blanket

Our electric heating washable full body warming blanket is 100% polyester multi-layer flannel and provides the ultimate in softness and comfort. The throw is 130x180cm in size. It is suitable for use on a couch, sofa, or bed, or to wrap up while watching television, reading a book, or simply resting and easing hurting muscles. It is also an excellent choice for the office, providing you with a warm and pleasant living experience.
In order to create a better and safer user experience, add the quick heating feature, and a more equal heat distribution is accomplished, so that the electric blanket is evenly heated in a few seconds, enabling you to feel warm in the shortest time and dispelling the cold. Luxurious double-layer flannel is composed of 100% polyester velvet and softly embraces you in warmth and comfort on cold evenings.
Simply disconnect the controller and throw it in the washer. It may be cleaned and dried in the washing machine in cold or warm water. Long-term cleaning can maintain softness. Please do not dry clean. Do not use bleach. Ironing is not recommended. When it is wet, do not plug in the power source or turn on your heated throw until it is entirely dry. Don't wring it out. If it is damp, do not use it.
Automatically shuts off after 4 hours of usage to reduce overheating, save energy, and aid in uninterrupted sleep. Electric blankets have passed ETL certification and are fitted with an overheating protection mechanism, ensuring their quality and safety. Even if you wrap your pets, they may be utilized. The 2.5m long wire allows you to use it in any corner, and it can also be utilized as a regular blanket by separating the controller.
Use the PTC/NTC heating wire to deliver the ideal deep and restful sleep temperature while also giving overheating prevention and protecting the skin from burns and radiation. Furthermore, our heated blanket is UL964 certified and functions as a protective mechanism while keeping you warm. When combined with an LED controller with 5 adjustable settings, you may select the most appropriate temperature for carefree relaxation.
Turning down the thermostat and using electric aspen can save you 60-80% on heating expenditures and help you save money in the winter. The clever electric blanket setting: The Twin size will switch off after 10 hours of continuous power access, while the Throw size will turn off after 4 hours. A wonderful present for the entire family, with sumptuous thicker fabric for long-lasting comfort.
  • ✔️Quick heating, easy to use
  • ✔️Machine washable and easy to maintain
  • ✔️Simple design and high-quality fabrics
  • ✔️Timing function: 3h ± 10 minutes
  • ✔️Safety guarantee
  • ✔️Safe and comfortable
  • ✔️Warm and soft
  • ✔️Reduce utility bills
  • ✔️3 temperature levels
  • ✔️Timer 3 adjustable times
  • ✔️Voltage: AC 220-240v
  • ✔️Power: 130w
  • ✔️Cable length approx. 2.50 m
  • ✔️Washable up to 30°c
  • ✔️For back pain, neck pain