Fabric toe separator finger protector bunion corrector

Our fabric toe separator finger protector bunion corrector relieves pain and stops friction caused by corns, blisters, ingrown nails, nail problems, hammer toes, over- or under-lapping digits, keratotic lesions, or partially amputated digits, there are three sizes of the sleeves to protect your toes against galled, injured nail, toe corn, callus, blister, and so on.
Wear them with shoes (flats, high heels, tennis, and walking shoes) even when working or sleeping, ideal for both men and women. Made of medical-grade gel that is washable and reusable, as well as allergy-resistant.

The flexible, fabric-coated tube is 15cm in length and may be used for any toe or finger straight with clipping, making it handy for travel or outdoor sports. More precise selection of the toe tube size. Each toe tube is less than 6 inches long.
These gel toe protectors are constructed of soft silicone gel inner and outer fabric, which are gentle on the skin. Our items come in a reusable ziplock bag that is simple to open and close. Toe rubbing bothers persons who spend a lot of time training or walking, and they require toe tubes.
The toe sleeve differs from other toe protectors in that it is an open-toe sleeve that is comfy and enables your toes to breathe. Sweat should be kept away from wounded toes. Hiking, camping, travel, football, baseball, and other amateur sports are better suited.
  • ✔️Great Toes Protector
  • ✔️Comfort and Breathable
  • ✔️Convenient and risk-free
  • ✔️Protection for your toes
  • ✔️Non-toxic
  • ✔️Soft Toe Tubes
  • ✔️Best Usage