Floating magnetic levitation globe antigravity lamp blxcknorway™

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Floating Magnetic Levitation Globe Antigravity Lamp. Check The Details To Know More

High-Tech Gadget - It is controlled by an electronically controlled magnetic system, it can levitate and hover steadily in midair. It will rotate smoothly for a while (a few minutes) after you give it a gentle spin, then stop.

Multi-Color Lights - There are six built-in LED lights inside the C shape, and there are three LED light colors (Blue, Green, and Red) when the floating frame light is turned on. It's very cool when it works in the dark. Please take note of this. Only the middle of the C shape frame lights up when it operates; the globe itself does not.

Great Desk Office Decor - As a cool decoration, it gives your office, desk, house, or retail business a beautiful display impact. Men's office décor is fantastic. Please see the movie on the seventh photo regarding the actual thing for the product size.

Nice Atmosphere - It will provide you with a pleasant atmosphere. When you're at work, chatting with pals, or on other occasions. PS: Please note that the globe can be floated without the need for an auxiliary tool. The tool only makes it easier to float the globe; it does not imply that the product cannot function without it. If the auxiliary tool is absent, you can still float the globe by using one finger as an "auxiliary tool."

Perfect Gift - A cool high-tech gizmo that will appeal to individuals of all ages. Great Business, Art Craft, and Creative Birthday Gifts for Men, Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends, Anniversary or Valentine's Day Gifts, and Father's Day Gifts

Package Includes -
✅ 1 x Globe
✅ 1 x C-shaped holder
✅ 1 x Power adapter
✅ 1 x Instruction

Floating magnetic levitation globe antigravity lamp blxcknorway™

Floating magnetic levitation globe antigravity lamp blxcknorway™