GF-07 Mini GPS Magnetic Tracker Device BLXCK NORWAY™

Here is the New GPS Magnetic Tracker Device. Check the Details to Know More


External Location Tracking - The product now supports external location tracking thanks to the addition of a location model. The base station placement has been enhanced with the addition of a mobile phone map, considerably reducing the product's error distance.

Lifetime Use - This product does not require platform fees and can be used for free for the rest of your life. Simply send a text message to the alarm locator, respond to the address information, and the entire phone call process for the map connection is quite simple.

Strong Magnet - Two strong magnets are built-in, so you don't have to worry about positioning. You may place it anywhere there is metal, and the magnet will instantly pick it up.

Charging Locator - The GPS Locator is the only locator on the market that can be charged and turned on automatically. The product will automatically turn on and continue charging when the alarm locator runs out.