Smart heating thermal winter warm jacket blxck norway™

Smart Heating Thermal Winter Warm Jacket. Check The Details To Know More

Close-Fitting Elastic Design - The warm vest has been upgraded, the fabric is now soft and pleasant, and the warmth has improved. There are five sizes available, ranging from S to XXL, as well as a flexible close-fitting design that allows the overall size of the heated clothes to be adjusted to different body shapes. The sides of the vest are made of a pliable elastic fabric. You can get a close-fitting type that will keep you warm and comfy indoors while enabling you to move freely outdoors.

Safe Charging & Adjustable Temperature - This cozy jacket with a USB connector is not only safe and durable, insulated and anti-static, but it also employs a 5v safety voltage, which is compatible with most mobile power supplies on the market.

There are three temperature levels to choose from, each correlating to a distinct heating level: red (high), white (medium), and blue (low) (low). Simply push a button to modify the vest's heating setting to match the ambient temperature, which is ideal for the winter. "The jacket will be compatible with any power bank that you own"

Your Upper Body is Kept Warm by Five Heating Zones - The high-quality carbon fiber heating element in the back, abdomen, and waist generates consistent heat for the 5 core parts of the body, including your back, abdomen, and waist, which helps keep your body warm, promotes blood circulation, activates various functions between the skin, and relieves pain and muscle tension. Fast heating in under a minute, saving you time and helping you to warm up quickly in the cold winter.

Suit for a Variety of Events - Made of lightweight, waterproof, and windproof materials, it's ideal for everyday commuting and outdoor activities. During the autumn and winter, allow family, friends, and employees to wear heated jackets when participating in outdoor activities such as motorbikes, mountains, camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting, and so on. It's also a great option for Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Light-Weight Heated Vest that can be Machine Washed - This vest has a soft, comforting feel to it and provides good thermal insulation. It may be washed by hand or machine, and even machine washing will not harm the internal heating system, making it safe and long-lasting (please take out the portable power bank before washing)