Guitar repairing tools kit blacknorway™

This Guitar Repairing Tools Kit is quite a convenient and effective kit to take care of your instruments. It is ideal for string instruments such as guitar. This repair and maintenance kit includes various tools such as a screwdriver, string action ruler, fingerboard guard, fret rocker levelling, hex wrench, etc.
It helps make important measurements and adjustments on different kinds of guitars such as electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and other string instruments.
All these tools are super useful to repair and adjust common problems. It is made from high-quality material and is super affordable. It ensures the high performance of your instrument. It is a perfect kit for a beginner.
You can easily change the strings, set the tone, etc with the help of this maintenance kit. It comes with a storage box so that you can carry it easily. It is a great gift option for your family and friends who owns and love playing instruments.