Keyboard cleaning brush computer earphone cleaning tools blacknorway™

It can be quite difficult to clean that hard to reach corners and areas of your keyboard. If you are looking for a perfect tool for your keyboard cleaning, then look no further than this amazing keyboard cleaning brush.
This is a 5 in 1 cleaning kit that comes with a sponge, high-density brush, nylon bristles, metal pen tip and a keycap puller. It is an ideal option to clean various objects.
The cleaning brush is a great combination of softness and hardness that will not cause any damage to your keyboard. It has good elasticity and stiffness that provides excellent cleaning.
You can use the sponge to clean all the dirt and dust in the charging case of your AirPods. It can provide deep cleaningand the metal tip will remove all the dust.
It has a very ergonomic and compact design and is super easy to use. This multipurpose kit allows you to clean each and every corner of your keyboard and earphones without any hassle.