3/7 Color Changing LED Shower Head Temperature Control BLXCK NORWAY™

LED Shower Head Temperature With Colour Changing Head


Super Soft Filtered Water - Integrated mineral beads for negative ion cleaning filtration, which eliminates heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, and pollutants while also improving the quality of your water.

Beautiful LED lights - Running water powers the LED lights, which eliminates the need for a battery or power supply. The LEDs are powered by the water pressure when you turn on the shower head. LED shower heads in three colours: Temperature regulation; Colours change depending on the temperature of the water. Green colour (temperature less than 30°C/85°F), Blue colour (31°C-39°C/85°F-105°F), Red colour (40°C-50°C/105°F-120°F). Only one colour led light turns on when the water hits certain temperature levels. LED shower heads in seven different colours: There is no way to adjust the temperature. In any water temperature, it flashes 7 colours constantly. Both are battery-free and extremely safe, as they rely on the flow of water to create power.

Increased Pressure - Close together small holes to guarantee that water comes out strong and fine with a constant flow, saving 30% of water and improving pressure.

Easy to Install - It's quite simple to install on top of your existing shower. Simply detach the old shower head and replace it with this one. It has a gentle yet strong spray and is easily removed for cleaning.