Smart Intelligent Laser Distance Meter Connect To Mobile Phone BLXCK NORWAY™

Does your work require taking frequent measurements? Or does it require you to store the data correctly? If yes, then this Smart Intelligent Laser Distance Meter Connect To Mobile Phone can be your all-time saviour. It is super-efficient and convenient to use for your work purpose. You can connect this device to MI APP and can store the data that you measure accurately and will add the notes on your cell phone. This advanced device will make your work much easier and a lot faster.
It is also a perfect option to do plan mapping. You can conveniently measure the photos and use that data to draw the plans. It also has a one-click export function that will export the finalized result to your cell phone album in order to view it more conveniently. You can also share this data with anyone using your mobile phone without any hassle. All the data is measured accurately and its accuracy can reach up to ± 0.2mm/±1/16 inches. Besides, it has a mute function by which you can turn the measurement chime anytime as per your wish. You can use this device perfectly in silent places like libraries and classrooms.
It has a hidden screen design that consumes low power OLED screen that will diplay the measurement that is taken, power of the device, connection of the Bluetooth and other information. Besides being super useful, it has an elegant and smart appearance. It is ergonomically designed with high-strength engineering materials and has UV paint that is scratch resistant. It also consists of a Dual emitting and single receiving beam design that can complete your work of taking measurements within 0.2 seconds.
It is quite efficient and gets charged quickly in 30 minutes using USB. You can measure approx 8000 measurements after it is fully charged. It also saves a lot of money while increasing productivity. To use this device, all you need to do is long-press the start button and press it again.  It has a simple one-button function that will allow you to take the measurements easily. It has a tiny yellow ring that will provide a great grip and hold of this tool and will make the work much comfortable.