Hunting Clothes 3D Maple Leaf Bionic Ghillie Suit BLXCK NORWAY™

We have come up with this amazing Hunting Clothes 3D Maple Leaf Bionic Ghillie Suit. It is a perfect suit to wear while going hunting, shooting, surveillance, or wildlife photography. This camoflauge suit comprises of one 3-D leafy jacket and one 3-D leafy trouser.

It is made from superior quality polyester and is highly durable for long-term use. It is quite convenient to dry and is very light in weight. It comes in one size that will fit almost all sizes. It is super easy to put on and off without any hassle.

It is made with double-stitch and has full cut leaves. It has a zipper to close the jacket and therefore, it is very convenient to wear it. The trouser of this suit includes an elastic waist and has a drawstring that you can use to adjust the fitting. It is suitable for both, men and women. The hat of the jacket includes a nylon rope that will provide better hiding.

This suit has multi-functional usage as it can be used in camouflage military equipment for example tanks, artillery, etc. It is super soft to your skin and does not cause any kind of irritation or allergies. The fabric is breathable and will allow air ventilation. It is super comfortable and feels very light while wearing this suit. The 3-D leaves do not catch onto branches or tricks.