Infrared LED light therapy belt

Our infrared LED light therapy belt is made up of an alternating array of 120 red light (660nm) and 240 invisible infrared light (850nm), for a total of 360 medical infrared lights that penetrate deeply in 30-40 mm, making it useful for bone, joint, and deep muscle recovery problems. Use when exercising to boost metabolism and enhance calorie burning.
This red light therapy device can wrap around your entire body, including your head, neck, back, shoulders, arms, knees, hands, and feet, to assist you in improving your physical condition, accelerating postoperative wound recovery, relieving soreness, improving sleep, and increasing body resistance. You may treat any portion of your body with a red light at any moment. Suitable for the back, wrists, hips, and other joints.
650nm Red Light has the potential to accelerate cell metabolism, decreasing inflammation and hastening repair. To improve blood circulation, 850nm Near Infrared light has a particularly strong capacity to penetrate deeper into tissue, organs, and joints. There are no adverse effects and it is safe and dependable. It is a light textile that can protect against heatstroke. It is specifically intended to be used in conjunction with your exercise equipment series.
Many doctors offer this substance to their patients and sportsmen, and it has shown positive effects. This gadget has been internationally certified. You may now treat stiff joints and muscles at home and enhance your physical condition for a fraction of the cost. The temperature of the red light treatment belt should be between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius. 
The near-infrared light belt is lightweight and adaptable. It may be charged and utilized whenever and wherever it is linked to a mobile power supply or a charging connection. It is a cost-effective and cheap method of self-relief. Near-infrared heat penetrates the muscle layer without being scattered, and it has a penetrating capability 12 times greater than far-infrared heat. It can aid with inflammation and pain relief.
  • ✔️Flexible belt
  • ✔️Widely use
  • ✔️Promote blood circulation
  • ✔️Portable and affordable
  • ✔️Near-infrared light heat for relief
  • ✔️Doctor-recommended
  • ✔️Optimize metabolism
  • ✔️Pain relief
  • ✔️Light and flexible
  • ✔️Multi-function
  • ✔️Size: 6 X 10 Inch