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Kinesiology Tape Athletic Recovery. Check The Details To Know More

Boost Your Performance - Kinesiology tape is meant to mimic the flexibility of human skin by microscopically lifting the skin, which improves blood and lymph circulation. When used correctly, it helps to support and reduce inflammation in injured regions while also increasing circulation for a faster recovery and better performance.

Provides Muscle Support - Sports tape is extremely elastic, allowing it to extend up to 50% of its original length while maintaining its elasticity. K-tape can provide support to injured muscles and joints while providing a safe and pain-free range of motion when applied with varying degrees of strain. While recovering from minor to moderate injuries, athletes can continue to train and compete.

Latex-Free & Waterproof Material - It is designed with breathable and moisture-wicking fabric (95 percent Cotton, 5 percent Nylon) and is suitable for use in the shower or when participating in aquatic activities. Physio tape contains a special acrylic-based, a latex-free adhesive that is placed to the reverse of the tape in a wavelike pattern that allows moisture to readily flow away from the taped region and the cotton fabric to dry fast.

7.5cm X 5m Extra-Long Per Roll - UNCUT roll tapes, 2 inches width by 19.7 feet long, all feature a grid on the back so you can obtain some perfect-sized pieces cut to fit. 7.5cm X 5m (Extra-long per roll): We strongly advise that you use your adhesive tape at least 30 minutes prior to activity, with no oil, perspiration, or lotion on your skin. It's important to remember to extend the center, not the ends. To avoid catching on clothing, round off the edge. Using warm soapy water, wash away the residue.

Sticks For Days - The adhesion is good, and the self-adhesive stretch tape adheres effectively. It's a versatile option that you can take with you and use anywhere.