Mist Spray Robot Dinosaur Toys for Kids BLXCK NORWAY™

Kids love playing games with their new toys. They find it quite exciting and fun to receive unique and amazing toyswith which they can experiment and play as they want to. There are so many different toys that you can give as a gift to your child. If you are looking for a toy that can be really fun for your kid, then this Mist Spray Robot Dinosaur Toys for Kids is the perfect choice for you.

This is one of the quite advanced toys that can help to cheer up your child. The design of this toy is outstanding and it comes with a mist spray function. This dinosaur can spray a red light mist from the mouth within the interval of several seconds that gives a look of fire eruption. The head of this dinosaur also has a built-in water case which you can refill using a plastic bottle. The design is quite realisticthat gives an amazing lookto it.

This robot dinosaur toy is made from superior quality ABS material and is absolutely eco-friendly. The horns and tail of this toy are very soft and is made from silicone material so that it does not hurt your child or cause a cut to their hands. All parts are tested and are completely safe for your child. It is 100% non-toxic to ensure the high quality of the material.
This dinosaur toy is assembled with various small parts similar to a robot. It can move its neck and tailand can also swing its wings. It is very easy to install this dinosaur robot and play with it. All you need to do is put 3 AA batteries and install the wings and tails manually. Then you need to fill the head with water, turn on the button and you are all set. This is a perfect gift idea for your kids On the occasion of their birthday, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, etc.