Laser level 12 lines 3D self-levelling

Laser Level 12 Lines 3D Self-Leveling. Check The Details To Know More 

360 °Measurement - 4 x 360°Green Laser Lines & 16 Laser Lines 360°Measurement There are two horizontal 360°planes and two vertical 360°planes on the Laser Level. There are 16 laser lines that can be used to cover the entire space, including the floor, walls, and ceiling. Horizontal and vertical lines intersect at 90° angles to help you visualize and finish a square layout quickly.

High Visibility - Because green lasers are 2 times brighter than red lasers, the green line is easier to spot than the red line under the same lighting conditions. Furthermore, the green laser level includes ten different line thickness grades from which you can choose. Finally, the green lines offer a working distance of up to 100 feet and are fully compatible with both indoor and outdoor projects.

Self-Leveling & Manual Mode - 1Switch the Power ON/OFF button to activate the self-leveling mode. This laser level may be tilted by self-leveling within 4 degrees; if this range is exceeded, an alarm will sound. And we wouldn't be able to turn off the alarm until we placed it on a level surface. 2Turn on the manual mode by pressing the power button "OUT" on the top for 3 seconds. You can then use it at any angle without alarm. The instructions can be found in the packaging gap.

Type-C Port - You can connect the level to the power supply and charge it immediately using type C. On the market, it is a common charging line. If it doesn't work, you may easily locate an alternative.

Waterproof & Remote Control - The IP54 waterproof design protects the level from water splash, dust, and construction waste, and it can adjust to the building environment. The level's horizontal and vertical lines, as well as the thickness of the laser line, are all controlled by the remote control, so you don't have to travel to the laser level to make changes, making your job easier.