Liquid turf grass seed sprayer growth-boosting

Every one of us has seen foamy, the green liquid being sprayed on areas and pavements around highways by professionals to plant grass seeds at some point in our lives. If you have a traditional lawn, you may have never seen spray-on grass seed before, or you may have assumed that it was only done by professionals. That is not correct. Simply spray Our liquid turf grass seed sprayer growth-boosting onto the problem lawn areas, and the eco-friendly solution will attach the seed to the soil, allowing it to grow.
Pets and children can play freely on the lawn one week after it has been completely covered. This product has been thoroughly tested, so you can be confident that your pet will enjoy its new synthetic grass. New enhancement: According to research, it can quickly kill insects like crickets, carpenter ants, harvester ants, ladybugs, and ear borers while protecting your pet's health and providing up to 12 weeks of control.
Spray-on grass seeding, also known as "hydroseeding" is the process of applying grass seed with a pre-mixture liquid. It's similar to spray painting your lawn, but instead of paint, the mixture is made up of (mostly) water, grass seed, mulch, and a bonding agent, so the water pressure provided by a garden hose is sufficient to spread the mixture. Results should be visible within two weeks at the most. Suitable for filling in bare patches from dog potty spots.
The pressure of the hose can allow grass seed to penetrate the soil, giving the grass a better chance of survival early on. Most of us have had enough expensive grass seed failures to give us a competitive advantage. Birds don't like the mulch component of spray-on seed, so this gives your baby grass a fighting chance. The patented seed grass technology in the special formula promotes the growth of any variety of grass. Within a few weeks, your patchy lawn will be covered in thick, green, and luscious grass blades!
Goodbye, dry spots, dog areas, high-traffic areas, and shade. Green Grass Lawn Spray makes it simple to plant and grow new grass precisely where you want it. Attach to any garden hose and spray to clearly show where you are planting. Each kit is capable of reseeding a 1000-foot square / 100-square-meter area. Simple to use and provides the ideal solution for homeowners with patchy lawns in need of repair.
  • ✔️Pre-Mixed And Ready To Use
  • ✔️Safe And Gentle Formula
  • ✔️Get The Right Look
  • ✔️Simple And Long Lasting
  • ✔️Make Grass Green Again
  • ✔️Sufficient to spread
  • ✔️Pre-mixture liquid
  • ✔️New synthetic grass
  • ✔️Material: PP+ABS
  • ✔️Size:240*125*225mm