UFO RC Drone Hand Sensing Toys For Children BLXCK NORWAY™

UFO RC Drone Hand Sensing Toys For Children. Check The Details To Know More

Throw To Fly - Advanced LED infrared sensor hover technology, inductive suspension, and collision protection are all used in this flying ball. To achieve equilibrium, the built-in gyroscope may manage accuracy and sensitivity. You only need to gently toss the ball into the air, and it will immediately begin to fly. The most amazing aspect of this flying toy is that when your hands are close to it, the ball can fly in the other direction. You can manipulate it in the air with your hands for interactive play, which is incredibly cool and enjoyable to use!

Hovering & 360°Rotating - Mini Drones have four powerful motors that rotate quickly to offer enough power for 360°Rotating flight. When flying to a particular elevation, there is always a high hover, grasp the ball to flip it, and it will stop flying.

Hand-controlled drones are composed of non-toxic PP material that is very flexible and has high impact resistance. They are also quite sturdy and will not be damaged if dropped. And the ball will intelligently move away.

Durable Drone Body - Hand-controlled drones are composed of high-quality non-toxic PP material that is very flexible and has a high collision resistance. They are quite sturdy and will resist harm if they fall. When the ball senses a solid item, it will intelligently move away.

Charging Time - To completely charge it, simply connect it to a USB port for 35 minutes. Take the Mini Drone with you wherever you go; it's a great present for boys and girls. This hover drone will brighten up any room, office, or dorm. Birthday gift ideas for Christmas

Packaging Includes - 1 * Flying toys; 1 * USB charging line