Mini Portable Coffee Machine BLXCK NORWAY™

Make Your Coffee On Go With This Mini Portable Coffee Machine

Description - There is no need for a battery or energy. Only manual operation is allowed! You can use any sort of coffee bean/roast, which gives you greater freedom in experimenting with various flavors. The boiling water must be added! At home, in the workplace, and on the road, you can enjoy wonderful coffee. It's easy to use! Using the integrated scoop, place ground coffee in the filter basket. To level, the grind, use gentle pressure. Fill the water tank with hot water. Finally, remove the piston from its travel position and pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract the ideal espresso with plenty of crema.

Easy to Clean - This espresso portable has no battery or energy, allowing the entire body to be washed. After drinking great espresso with no worries, throw this little espresso machine into a river or creek in the woods!

Fast Brew With Easy Operation - From start to brew, you can obtain fresh&warm espresso anywhere with our portable coffee maker in only a few seconds! Simply put ground coffee or capsules into the machine and add hot water; after a few pumps, you'll have great espresso. Never be concerned about a power outage while camping.

Package Included - 1 x Portable Espresso Machine