Heated touch screen winter warm skiing gloves blxck norway™

Heated Touch Screen Winter Warm Skiing Gloves. Check The Details To Know More


Heated Areas & 3 Heating Settings - Heated Zones cover the back of the hand and fingers, and there are three heating settings. With three sophisticated heating modes to choose from, you can adjust the gloves' warmth at any time and from anywhere.

Red light indicates high heat, white light indicates medium heat, and a blue light indicates moderate heat. Heated gloves may heat up quickly in seconds thanks to modern technology and imported heating elements.

Rechargeable USB Type-C Battery - Electric heating gloves with a rechargeable USB Type-C battery Depending on temperature settings and the ambient temperature conditions, the 4400mAh 16.28Wh Li-ion rechargeable battery will last 2 to 4 hours. 4 hours on low temperature, 3 hours on medium temperature, and 2 hours on high temperature. In 4 hours, the batteries may be fully charged.

Anti-Slip and Water Resistant - The battery heated gloves' palms are comprised of a non-slip, water-resistant material with a roughened surface to help hold the instruments and tools in place.

The cuffs have buckle-style velcro for convenient adjustment. Easy to scrape off the fog or snow particles on the glasses with the user-friendly Glasses Scraper design on the index finger, making your vision brighter!

Breathable & Durable - Comfort and warmth are provided by heated gloves made of Wear-Resistant and Breathable material throughout the harsh winter months.

Provide ample warmth for indoor and outdoor sporting activities, especially for persons with chronically chilly hands who will be spending long winter days outside! To avoid the loss of a single glove, the wrist of the glove incorporates a buckle design.

Health Care & Winter Gift - Hand Warmers Thermal Gloves have a heating element that covers the back of the hand and fingers, making them a great winter gift.

Even in the dead of winter, you may enjoy outdoor activities, keep your freezing hands warm, enhance hand blood circulation, and relieve muscle pain to some extent.

Also makes a great Thanksgiving or Christmas present for friends, parents, and other family members. Bringing warmth and well-being to everyone you care about!

Package Includes -
✅ 1 x Pair gloves
✅ 2 x Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
✅ 1 x Charger