Lightweight fishing tackle pliers blxcknorway™

Lightweight Fishing Tackle Pliers. Check The Details To Know More

High-Quality Material - T6-6064 aviation-grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel strengthened jaws, and sharp tungsten steel fishing line cutters make the AXP Pliers ideal for harsh saltwater applications.

Personalized Design - The hollow handle structure provides a sleek and crisp design while also being lighter in weight than competitors.

Multi-Functional - The split ring opener design on the nose is great for effortlessly opening your split ring to replace old or broken hooks. Multi-Function - Fish pliers can not only remove hooks but also pinch on lead sinkers.

High-Strength Tungsten Steel Cutters - Cutters made of high-strength tungsten steel - Braided, monofilament, and fluorocarbon fishing lines, as well as braided, monofilament, and fluorocarbon fishing lines, are simply cut with the precision sharpened blades.

Detail-Oriented - The fishing pliers have a CNC-processed handle with a high-quality oxidized surface coloring treatment, as well as high-strength jaws and scissors, making them stronger and more robust to endure a long time on your fishing expeditions.