Neater scooper cat litter sifter blxck norway™

Our neater scooper cat litter sifter scooping and bagging are merged into a single, straightforward process that only requires one hand. This litter scoop for cats comes with a waste container, which makes it easy and quick to dispose of used litter and clumps.
The litter box is much simpler to clean thanks to the smart design of the connected trash bin and cat poop scoop, which is mounted to the litter box. It can contain a particular quantity of cat litter if it has a capacity that is sufficiently large.
A cat litter scooping device that is all-in-one helps to keep the problem under control. No more spilt trash. At the bottom, you may put the litter bag in an upright position. After it has been loaded, it may be taken out of the way easily.
When you are finished, just separate the cat scoop from the garbage can, secure the waste bag with a knot, and then toss it away. It is long-lasting and simple to clean because of the high-quality plastic it is made of. It is simple to use and operate thanks to the presence of a handle.
Contains 30 separate bags that are softly perfumed, individually distributed, and have simple tie handles. Refills come in two packs of 15 bags each. It is easy for it to filter the cat litter, which helps prevent waste.
  • ✔️Value bundle
  • ✔️Fast disposal
  • ✔️Nice sanitary
  • ✔️Cleaner and neat
  • ✔️Very easier
  • ✔️high-quality plastic
  • ✔️softly perfumed
  • ✔️Size: 11.4x4.7in