Bluetooth APP Control Smart Carnival Led Face Mask BLXCK NORWAY™

Bluetooth APP Control Smart Carnival Led Face Mask. Check The Details To Know More

Mask with LED full-mask design and adjustable shoulder strap, perfect for cosplay, chemical ball, birthday party, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Carnival, E-Music Festival, and other occasions. The light-emitting mask is a really unexpected gift that is great for family, birthdays, friends, classmates, lovers, and other occasions. It's ideal, surprise, and, so far, the coolest gift; it's also the most popular adult costume and role, as well as the greatest apparel toy, LED mask.

2074 lamp beads and 2121RGB LED lamp beads are used in the LED mask because they are high-power, high-brightness, and long-lasting. Don't be concerned about power usage; it is quite quiet and causes no harm to the body.

The LED mask can be configured to monochrome, flash, gradient, smooth, and multi-color, and the LED cosplay party offers 45 dynamic display modes and 70 static display images. By connecting to the LED mask, Bluetooth can be used. You can choose the uploaded image, the dynamics and static text, and the display style. LED full cover is the most amazing clothes & costume clothing mask, drawing everyone's attention.

Text editing, DIY doodle design, pattern animation, and music rhythm are the four display modes. Text entry, fixed display, text jump, left shift and left shift four display modes are all available. Make a right turn. DIY: You can design various patterns that will be displayed on the mask if you upload them. This flash LED mask connects to your phone via Bluetooth App, allowing you to stand out at any party or festival.

Cover your search after pressing the power button. You can adjust the screen with your hand when the screen says " ok ". The gesture is closed when the letter "X" is displayed. The app uses movements to change animations, play content, and loop playback, and it is available in ten languages.

Package Includes - 1*Mask,1*Manual OR 1 x Mask(Include 2000 mAh Battery),1 x Charging cable,1 x Instructions