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Kids Front Bike Seat Safety Carrier. Check The Details To Know More

Riding alongside Your Child - You can see your youngster and the road from the front seat of the bicycle. The front-mounted design gives the child a better view and makes riding more fun. It is important to place the youngster in a suitable position so they can thoroughly explore their environment.

The compact child bike seat is suitable for kids between the ages of one and four and can support up to 110 pounds. applicable to a variety of bikes, including foldable bikes, electric bikes, road bikes, city shared bikes, and mountain cycles. The distance between the handlebars and the seat must be greater than 12.6 inches for installation.

Adjustable Design - Depending on the handlebars and front beams of different bicycles, the mounting rail's front end can be placed at various angles. The vast majority of bicycles with rods calibre between 1.2in and 1.5in are compatible with this design. It is possible to adjust the seat's height to fit kids of varying ages. By simply opening the child seat's gate, the infant may get in and out of the car seat.

The bike child seat is safe and easy to install because it is comprised of metal and ABS plastic, which increases its durability and user-friendliness. The safety of kids can be preserved by the use of seat belts, other security measures, and railing configurations. This front-mounted bike seat may be installed or removed without the use of any additional tools.

Comfort & Safety - Upgrade the sponge base and backrest to make them thicker and more pleasant for the child to sit on. Comfortable - An eye-catching and inventive design, Comfort, Safety. The pedal design gives your kids a safety rest while they ride and keeps them comfortable and free.