Smart Robots Dance Voice Command Cute Toy Gifts for Kids BLXCK NORWAY™

Gifting your kid’s new toys on various occasions can be really fun and exciting to them. They love receiving unexpected gifts from their parents or loved ones. And receiving the gifts with which they can play and enjoy themselves, is surely going to be their most favourite ones. If you are confused and wants to choose a perfect gift for your child that can make him happy, then this Smart Robots Dance Voice Command Cute Toy Gifts for Kids is a great choice. It is made from ABS plastic and is highly durablefor a longer period of time.
The design of this robot toy is very cute and will attract your child’s attention. It comes with touch control and voice control features. For example, if you ask the robot to go forward/backward/left or right, then it will perform the action when you touch the sensing areas. You can easily control this robot and enjoy yourself while playing. You can also talk and order the robot when it is in voice control mode and it will respond to you as per your command. It also has a smooth round design for your child safety.
There is also a speak like you mode in which the robot repeat everything that you say. To activate this mode, all you need to do is press the sensing area longer until you hear a sound from the robot. It also comes with a talking recording button in which you can make a recording for eight seconds. These features are quite fun for the kids as they will enjoy and have fun while playing top. This robot toy is very easy to carry as it does not take much space. The material used to make this robot is of high quality and is absolutely non-toxic.
The best part of this toy is that it can also dance and sing. It can be a dancing companion and will provide fun to your kids for long hours it also makes them aware of robotics and the new technology in the world. You can easily adjust the volume as it comes with seven different volumes. Your kid can choose a suitable volume that is perfect for him. It is completely safe for your child as it does not have any sharp edges. This is a perfect gift option for your child on the occasion of his/her birthday, Christmas day, thanksgiving, etc.