Long Handle Jaw Poop Scoop Outdoor Cleaner BLXCK NORWAY™

Loving and pampering your pet to the fullest might be one of the most pleasant things for you. However, picking up their waste in public or crowded places can be a bit annoying, right? Well, now you don’t have to do that anymore as we have come with Long Handle Jaw Poop Scoop Outdoor Cleaner. This is the most efficient tool that will allow you to pick up the waste without getting your hands dirty. 
This is ergonomically designed and has a long and comfortable handle which is around 23.6-inch (60cm) in length. It will allow you to clean the mess by keeping your face and hands far away from the odour and waste. Its long handles also ensure that you don’t require to bend while collecting the waste.
This Long Handle Jaw Poop Scoop Outdoor Cleaner is extremely light in weight and is highly durable as it is made up of high-quality ABS plastic that makes this tool strong while giving a long-lasting usage. It is also quite convenient to carry while going out for a walk with your dogs or cats.
It is super easy to use and works great to pick up the waste from the grass, concrete or other such surfaces. This scoop comprises a two parts connection which you can easily use by pulling them. It has a high-tension spring of superior quality that gives you a hassle-free release motion. You can also use a sack to collect the waste for more convenient cleanup.