3D Creative LED Wooden Book Night Light BLXCK NORWAY™

Using creativity to enhance the overall look of your house or room is one of the greatest skills. There is so much stuff that you can buy while decorating your house such as showpieces, photo frames, etc. One amongst them is the lightings that look classy and beautiful at the same time. Therefore, we have come up with this outstanding 3D Creative LED Wooden Book Night Light.
It has a very unique design and has the ability to capture the eyes of the people. The dimensions of these lights are 21.5x17.5x2.5cm. It has a book-like design that lights up as a lamp once you open it. It emits warm and bright light and looks super attractive at night. This is the ideal choice to use in your bedroom, children’s room, living room, staircase, table lamp etc. to make that area look more captivating.                                                                         
This LED Wooden Book Night Light is made from white maple woods. It is constructed using special lasing cutting to make sure that the lamp does get damaged due to bending or cutting. The pages of this book are quite sturdy and tear-resistant. It has a cosy and energy-efficient lightthat does not flicker during the night and will not make your eyes tired. Having such light in your room helps to stay calm and provides a peaceful night sleep.
This contains a 2000mah Li-ion battery that gives long-lasting performance. After a full charge, it can work up to 8 to 10 hours. You can easily recharge it with a USB port using any power bank, laptop or charger. The edges of this book consist of magnets that will allow you to hold the book open or close without any hassle. This is a perfect choice to give it as a gift to your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary, Christmas or special occasions such as the home inauguration.